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Editor's Notes

Update 11-22-2021

Posting Requests to  Patti L Rhinesmith, RWG Secretary at NewJersey.OESGC@gmail.com   
GC Ofc 908-725-0222

Notary services are available, please call Grand Chaper Office for assistance. 

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Please contact Lorraine Altimus if you are interested in putting any photos on the website. 

Sister Lorraine Altimus, PGO will be serving as Sister Daria and Brother Bruce's  photographer this year.  If you are looking to have pictures taken for the Grand Matron and Grand Patron's memory books, please contact her at your earliest convenience.  Her contact information is in the Official List Book. 

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We are NO LONGER accepting recycling itemsPlease do not bring them to your Chapter, there is no State Committee this year. 

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Due to the pandemic, we were unable to hold the Gown Boutique at the Eastern Star Home for Home Day. 

We are NOW happy to announce that we will be holding the "Annual Boutique Sale" on three separate dates.  Items for sale are gently used gowns, white and colored, tuxedos, shoes, gloves and other miscellansous items.  Gowns will remain the same price, $5.00. 

The next  date is scheduled on Saturday, January 22nd from 10 am to 2pm at Little Falls Masonic Temple, Little Falls, NJ.  This will be hosted by Little Falls Chapter and the 31st District. 

The 2nd date is scheduled for January 30th from 10am to 2pm at Gothic Lodge, Hamilton, NJ.  This will be hosted by Morning Star Chapter and the 38th District. 


 Funeral Services:

Release Form to be signed by all members in attendance at a funeral. Can be found until FORMS   www.njoes.com/forms.html


Star Journal Issues can be found on the NJOES home page, under the information tab.

The August 2021 issue is now posted.   

Dec 2, 2021

Letter from the MWGM and MWGP regarding meetings starting January 1st, 2022.

To be posted shortly.

October 25, 2021 Mountain View Chapter #205 - October 29th, 2021
Due to the recent response of people attending Mountain View Chapter on Friday 10/29/21, the following change is being made.

February 8th, 2022 there is a Grand Officer's Night scheduled to be held at Mt. View Chapter, and Joanne Byrne, RWGC and Bernie Byrne, WG Soloist will be honored at this time.  Chapter Conductresses are invited to attend this night. 

Please contact the Worthy Matron Meg Williams to confirm and/or cancel your reservation. 


Have you noticed the pin that our Most Worthy Grand Patron wears?  It looks like a shooting star with a paw print.  As he is also a member in Pennsylvania, he wears this pin which is a new public logo used by General Grand Chapter, mainly in conjunction with raising awareness for their main charity, Service Dogs.  Why this new logo?

General Grand has a member who is a marketing researcher.  She did a study about the general public's perception of the traditional Eastern Star.  As you can probably guess, the public has a lot of misconceptions about our Star.  Therefore, General Grand commissioned a new public logo. 

They are not looking to do away with the Traditional Star.  But they have found that the softer logo attracts many more individuals.  Membership has increased since they began using this logo on public advertisement. 

The Corporate Board is looking for a design of our own NJOES logo to use in public advertising.  As we are not part of General Grand, we are not able to use their trademarked logo.  Let me emphasize, OUR TRADITIONAL STAR IS NOT GOING AWAY!!!! 

Submit your design ideas to the Grand Chapter Office.  Prize will be awarded to any design we use. 

Aug 25, 2021 Grand Chapter is looking for individuals proficient with QuickBooks and Excel or with an accounting background to assist Grand Chapter on the Finance Committee.  (White Book 16.7).  If you are interested, please email Grand Chapter.  NewJersey.OESGC@gmail.com

Oct 18, 2021

Covid release quiestionnaire for Chapter meetings


Please see attached questionnaire to be used at each meeting.  



Receptions/GO Honor Nights/District Meetings


July 28, 2021 Scheduled District meetings for 2021-2022 calendar year
December 11, 2021 - District #34
New date
December 18, 2021 - District #32
January 8, 2022 - District #38
February 12, 2022 - District #33
February 26, 2022 - District #35
March 19, 2022 - District #37
March 26, 2022 - District #39

Dec 6, 2021 38th District Meeting - Saturday January 8, 2022
Place: Burlington Masonic Lodge, Burlington, NJ  Reservations to Anita Cole, Lunch will be soup and sandwich Cost $10.00

Food donations (non-perishable goods) will be taken that day for the Burlington Township Food Pantry as their Community Outreach Project. 

Nov 22, 2021 34th District Meeting - Saturday December 11, 2021
Place:   Olive Branch Lodge, Freehold.   Reservations to Sister Andrea McCollum, WDD #34. 


Nov 22, 2021 32nd District Meeting - Saturday December 18, 2021
Place:  Tilden Chapter, Tenafly, NJ  Price $12.00, send checks payable to Deborah LeDoux. 

Reservations are limited, please contact Sister Debbie if you have any questions about attending.

Upcoming Dates  -- see Chapter & District Fundraisers below
Nov 8, 2021 20th REUNION - "SMILE AND A SONG CLUB"
The 20th reunion of the Smile and a Song Club will be held on Sunday, June 5th, 2022, at 3:00 pm at Mastoris Bordentown.  RSVP to Mary Jane, MJLSong@aol.com  All are welcomed to attend. 

The reunion date has been changed from Sunday April 24th, 2022 to May 1st, 2022.  It will be hosted by the 34th District.  Save the date, more information to follow.

Reunion hosted by the 35th District Beachcombers, on Sunday, December 5th. 12 to 1 pm Social hour, 1pm Hot buffet Luncheon, $27.00 per person.  To be held  Harmony Lodge, Toms River, NJ   Send reservations to Dawn Betts.

Oct 18, 2021 "With God all things are Possible" Reunion - June 26th, 2022
Reunion hosted by the 34
th District, more information to follow.  Please note this new date of June 26, 2022, from the original date was February 13th. 


Nov 22, 2021

DATES FOR December

Please check with the Worthy Matron of the Chapter before attending.  Some of these dates for honor nights and Top #3 are by invitation only. 

December 11th - 34th District Meeting
December 12th - State Christmas Party
December 16th - Grand Floral at Laurel Springs #227
December 18th - 32th District Meting
December 25th - Merry Christmas
January 5th - Honor night - Raritan #58
January 7th - Honor night - Delaware #50
January 8th - 38th District Meeting
January 11th - Honor Night - Morning Star -
January 19th - GO Night at Bordentown #257
January 22nd - Gown Boutique - Little Falls Chapter #224 - Hosting
January 29th - Gown Boutique - Morning Star #22 - Hosting

Oct 25, 2021 SAVE THE DATE - APRIL 16, 2022
Day Trip to Washington DC is being planned

Aug 23, 2021 "Unity thru Simplicity" Christmas Party - December 12, 2021
The Christmas party will be on December 12, 2021, from 2 pm to 6 pm at CAMP INAWENDAWIN, Tabernacle, NJ .  Subscription $27.00.   Please contact Betty Robinson to make your reservation.  Checks to be made payable to:  Grand Chapter Voluntary Donations.

Good News and Health Announcements

Nov 29, 2021
Linda Dickson, WG Ruth, Hobart #63, 39th
Keep Sister Linda in your prayers as she recently broke her arm.  Cards can be sent to her home.  Her address can be found in the official list book. 

Dec 1, 2021 Heather Earle, PGO. Mt. Holly Chapter #147
Sister Heather passed on November 25, 2021. 
Viewing to be held on December 2nd at Perinchief Chapels, Mt Holly, NJ from 10 am to 12 noon.
OES service will be held at 11:30am.

Dec 3, 2021 Marie Quick, PGO and member of Laurel Springs Chapter #227
It is with much sadness I announce the passing of Sister Marie Quick, PGO and member of Laurel Springs Chapter #227. A lovely Sister who will be dearly missed. Details on arrangements have not yet been made available.

Grand Chapter Announcements
Please check with the WG Marshal if you lost or found any items. 
Found at the 36th District meeting a Crown pin

 Now Available
Updated Grand Chapter Highlights Book - $24.33
A synopsis of NJ Eastern Star 1870-2020.  The Highlights Book has been published and is available for sale through the Grand Chapter Office.  The cost is $24.33 each, which includes postage.  Please make your check payable to "Grand Chapter OES of NJ" and mail to Grand Chapter Office, 111 Finderne Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ  08807-3101
  Looking for excess Paraphernalia/Flags/Poles etc
For Chapters in need, please contact Mary Elaine Guynn, RWG Trustee.
3 electric Signets available, Five-point Altar with cushion available, contact RWG Secretary.
Complete set of Chapter Officers' badges, excellent condition
Proceedings available - Books $28, CDs $15

Affsa/Affsa - 11 Books
Capel/Parsons - 11 CD's
Bingenheimer/Robinson - 3 CD's
McGinley/Costello - 4 CD's


Good News
February 2020 Daria & Bruce's Grand Officers 

Daria & Bruce's Grand Representatives

Newly Appointed Grand Representatives
     Kentucky - Elizabeth Young, Bordentown Chapter No. 257, 38th District
     Louisiana - Nicole Dickerson, Starlight Chapter No. 107, 39th District
     Maryland - Joseph Herx, Gloria Chapter No. 159, 35th Distirct
     Idaho - Lisa O'Brien, Tuckerton Chapter No. 54, 35th District

2019-2020 Norma & Dan's Grand Representatives
2018-2019 Lynn & Ken's Grand Representatives
Chapter & District Fundraisers
Bordentown invites you to join them for a Christmas Tea, Saturday December 4, 2021 at 1:00pm  Place:  Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge, Bordentown, NJ  Advance Reservations required.  Contact Christine at
cmfarmer68@msn.com.  Admission is $15.00.  Children under 12 pay their age.  Remember your Special Teascup, a price to the prettiest!

  Starlight Chapter Cookbook - "Our Favorite Recipes"
Approx 350 recipes by OES members & friends. Hardcover, $15. Postage $7.25 for 1 or 2 books; $13.65 to mail 3-6 books. Payable to Starlight Chapter, mail to Barbara Repp, WDD #39
General Information
Charity Foundation News
  Do you shop Amazon.com? Did you know that you can benefit the Eastern Star Charity Foundation when you do, at no additional cost? The next time you plan to shop on Amazon, simply log in as Smile.Amazon.Com. You can then designate the Eastern Star Charity Foundation as the charity you support. You use your existing Amazon account, there are no additional fees, and it's very easy to do! Please spread the word to family and friends, and any businesses who make purchases on Amazon - as long as they designate the Eastern Star Charity Foundation of NJ as the charity they support, the Charity Foundation will receive a small donation from most purchases. We appreciate the support!
Apr 13, 2021 The OES Charity Foundation will meet virtually this Wednesday, December 1st, at 7pm.  To receive the meeting link please send an email to:  oescharityfoundationnj@gmail.com.

You will receive the link/invite for the meeting from that email account before Wednesday. 

The Board holds an Executive Session prior to the public portion of the meeting.  Our Executive Session may run slightly over, so please do not be discouraged if youare asked to wait in the "waiting room" (or to log off) for a few minutes. 

Please request the meeting link monthly.
Jan. 27, 2021 THE Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey, Inc. -
"Rays of Caring Capital Campaign.  "Be a Ray of Light to our Sisters and Brothers in Need".  


The Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors or related equivalent, and entering an accredited college or university in the Fall of 2022.  Request an application for a Scholarship through the Eastern Star Chairty Foundation of New Jersey today.

The Eastern Star Charity Foundation awards two (2) Regular Scholarships, one (1) Allied Health Scholarship and one (1) NJ Rainbow Scholarship.  Each of the four awarded recipients will receive a one time scholarship in the amount of $5,000.00.

Please contact Sister Judy Brown via mail or by email at
jandd11@verizon.net to request an aplications.  All requests must include the name and address of your graduating 2022 senior. 

Applications must be requested by February 1, 2022.

Completed Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2022, in order to be considered.

In Star Friendship
Judy Brown, Scholarship Committee
Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey.

OES Home News - website:  www.njeasternstarhome.com
Aug 19, 2021

Volunteer for the Eastern Star Home



If you would like to Volunteer at the Eastern Star Home to run a BINGO, hold a arts and craft program, celebrate birthdays, or anything else you must call Ashley Molnar at the Eastern Star Home and setup a date and time.  The day before you are going to the Home you need to email Ashley and CC it to Dawn and Lori (their email address are below), to let them know that you are coming and about what time you will be there, along with how many people you are bringing.  This way if Ashley isnít in on the day you arrive at the Home, both Dawn and her secretary Lori will know that you will be there.  The CDC and the Governorís Office has made some changes for Volunteers because the Covid cases are rising.  At the present time you will only be allowed to come in with a total of 4 people.  You will have to take a rapid Covid test that they will do for you at the Home.  You will have to fill out a questionnaire.  ONLY PERSONS THAT HAVE HAD THE COVID VACCINATION WILL BE ALLOWED IN.  On your first visit to the Home you will have to bring your Covid Vaccination Card.  They will make a copy of it so you will not have to bring it each time.  You will have to wear a mask the hole time you are in the Home (even if you are outside the Home). You will not be allowed to wander around the Home to visit the Residents.  They will be brough to you.  Because Covid cases are on the rise the rules change constantly.  Make sure you check with Ashley for any changes.  Here are the email addresses you will need:



Dawn Giakas Ė DGIAKAS@njeasternstarhome.com


Lori Patullo - lpatullo@njeasternstarhome.com


Ashley Molnar - 


Eastern Star Home phone Number Ė 908-722-4140


Dawnís main goal is to keep the Residents and her employees along with anyone that comes into the Home safe.  If you have any questions please contact me.


In Star Love,


Debbie LeDoux








Jul 31, 2021


I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend!  Again, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the help you and everyone else has been giving me in regards to donations for the Boutique!  Friday July 30th, 2021 we will be hosting our THIRD pop up store already (time is flying bye!).  If you wouldn't mind helping me spread the word around to see if anyone would like to make some donations for the store this month, I would greatly appreciate it!  Items such as WATCHES, MEN & WOMENS tops sold out instantly last week!  The residents would very much enjoy finding more tops and watches in the mix next month.  ( Womens blouses from small-2xl / Men's tops from large to 2xl) Wallets are also still an item that is still being requested for along with ties, hats, and most importantly YARN!  Some of the ladies were asking to see some more lip sticks, and hairnets for the shower.  WORDSEARCH and SEDOKU puzzles are always a crowd pleaser!  ( Many of them do not care for cross word puzzles),  As always, any donations are greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time.





Ashley Molnar 


Director of Activities 

New Jersey Eastern Star Home
908-722-4140 ext. 3527





Oct 21, 2021





At the present time, the Home is open for visitors.  The Home is adhering to the requirements from the CDC and Governorís office.  You need to call the Home to make an appointment to visit a resident.  Only two people can visit at a time with a resident.  They are doing both indoor and outdoor visitations, weather permitting.  It is also opened for volunteers.  If you, or your Chapter, would like to do BINGO, craft projects or anything else you will need to contact Ashley Molnar, Director of Activities at 908-722-4140, ext. 3527 and let her know when and how many volunteers you will be bringing.  Masks must be worn while you are in the Home and you need to take a rapid Covid test when you enter the Home.  Remember that this is flu season and the Home maybe closed to visitors from time to time because of flu or Covid.


The Board of Directors and the New Jersey Eastern Star Home wants to thank everyone for your donations during these difficult times.  Because of the added expenses of COVID-19, Chapters not meeting, and Home Day canceled two years in a row, your donations are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate to the Home, please make a check payable to New Jersey Eastern Star Home, Inc. and in the memo line, put where you would like it to go.  Please mail all donations to Carole Moore, PGM.  


The Home is in need of BINGO prizes and items for the monthly Boutique.  Here are some of the suggestions, stuffed animals, jewelry, books, lap blankets, scarves, tissues, yarn, shirts for men and women, ties, hats, watches, or any other item you might want to donate.  Please make sure that you put it to the attention of Ashley Molnar, Director of Activities. 


Cards for the Residents:  The Department of Health is now focusing on preventing social isolation amongst residents. The Board of Directors is asking our membership to send cards to the Eastern Star Nursing Home.  If you know a resident there you can send it addressed to them.  If you donít you can send your cards to the Activities Director, Ashley Molnar and she will pass them out among the residents. 


The mailing address for Ashley is:

New Jersey Eastern Star Home, Inc.
Attn: Ashley Molnar
111 Finderne Avenue

Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807


It doesnít have to be a holiday; you can send thinking of you cards or anything that would benefit the residents.  The Eastern Star Home and the Board of Directors thanks you for all that you do for the residents.  


Refresh and Renew Project:  The A unit has been completed and looks beautiful.  We now must fix the B Unit and the shower room.  Attached below is information on the Refresh and Renew Project.


Becoming a Resident:  Attached below is information on becoming a resident at the Home.  If you have any questions, please contact Shelretha LaSure at 908-225-5446 or at the home on ext. 3581 and she can get you the information you need.   

Thanks in advance for your help and please stay safe.










Oct 31, 2021

OES HOME - calendar project

Calender Project



Becoming a resident_Flyer.pd